Cooking at Sea


That software you have to buy, and you cannot eat that, will probably cost a bundle. I think that MCTC is the one that will benefit the most in the end. Smart cookies.


Interlake Steamship Company - 21 minutes ago

Cinnamon almond pecan danishes fresh out of the oven for the crew of our Kaye E. Barker. #creweats #FreighterFriday

Baked and photographed by Scott Cooper.


You want the easy bachelor method? (My southern born wife who’s an awesome cook even approves of this after I finally talked her into trying it. Her mother even accepted it too) Pioneer makes a packet mix for “country” gravy. That, and well drained broken up pork sausage added after its done, and you’re set. Granted its not from scratch, but when you’re hungry and waiting for the coffee to kick in as you fix breakfast, it’s a whole lot easier.

Not sure about the other flavors they do, but the Country Gravy is what I go with.




I know, I know, but it’s truly pretty good, and I ALWAYS mess up my gravy when I do it from scratch.


Why not make a roux out of butter and flour, as you would for the northern equivalent, cream chipped beef? Otherwise known as SOS in some circles. Quick and easy. Probably done around the time the sausage is browned and then combine them. I’ve never tried it but I’d imagine it would work.


You must sell your sauce with its pompous name:

Butter + flour + milk as needed (no cream, butter is just concentrated cream) is the Béchamel sauce.
It is the basic white sauce for vegetables and other dishes like Lasagna.


I’ll put that recipe up when I have better service in a few days. Maybe send me a PM to remind me


When I have better service I can give you more feedback. Look for some information from me Monday or Tuesday


Very good point. I forgot that crucial ingredient. Probably why I’m better in the wheelhouse than the galley🤤


Can I have a Po’ Boy Cochon de Lait sandwich for breakfast instead of Biscuits and Gravy please? Thank you.


That would work, too. Mastering a roux is the key to a lot of cooking. I prefer to make my roux with fat other than butter, though. It burns too easily. For a “breakfast” gravy, bacon fat, fat rendered from breakfast sausage (uncased) or shortening works best in my experience.


Any fat, not just butter will work. Don’t forget the fresh grated nutmeg for a true bechamel. Add grated cheese and it is a mornay sauce. Also the key ingredient for mac and cheese. . .


Indeed, with butter you must heat slowly to have a nearly white roux, and most often nutmeg is essential…

This is the basic sauce, neutral with just a fine butter taste.
Once the béchamel has the desired consistence, all is possible!
With an onion sweat, it becomes the ‘soubise’ sauce.
Chopped vegetables make a nicely colored sauce.
In addition, spices of all sorts as preferred…


Tip for making roux from Alton Brown that works: equal parts butter and flour by weight




For all cooks who have had their handles polled:


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Hey I recognize that hard hat, KPChief! Though I miss the Filipino catering crew of my previous employment, I have grown very fond of the southern fare in the GOM. Unfortunately my waist line and cholesterol have risen inversely proportional to my pay over the last 5 years.


Make it really easy with bisquick biscuits.