Cooking at Sea


I love kippers for breakfast, but I prefers heads off and guts out.


Can we have kippers for breakfast, mummy dear, mummy dear. . .


Here’s a good video on knowing how to tell if honeydew or canteloupe is ripe.


I uploaded a new video today! This one is separating the egg white from the yolk. It’s under a minute. Hope you like it!


Go big or go home. :wink:


That is crazy!


If anyone has any requests for a certain video, let me know. I’ll do some videos for actual cooking at home, and show different things about the galley from work. I’ve been asked to do a pizza video for someone who has never made it before. I haven’t made pizza in 8 years, but I’ll try… I also had a cupcake request and one for making omelets. I have a few other ideas, but if it will help someone, I will try to get it done.


I also realized today that I have been spelling omelet like a Frenchman for my entire life. Spell check kept telling me I was wrong and I kept ignoring it. TI finally looked it up. Turns out we were both right and wrong. Omelette is Europe. Omelet is American English.


This video was by request. A cook friend of mine wanted to know about paper baking cups for cupcakes. After this video I’ll just be doing one video every Monday for anyone interested. Thanks!


The new video is up. Somehow I remembered more or less how to make pizza after 8 years
Watch “Making pizza at home with my little helper” on YouTube hope u like it


Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto has an interesting quote, “Cook more often. Don’t study; just cook.”


New video is up if anyone is interested- Shows omelet making Thanks!


I decided to start a Facebook page. It’s still a work in progress. Here’s the link if anyone’s interested-


I just wanted to update anyone who was interested in my upcoming guidebook. I will be finished the editing process this week and plan to upload it to the publisher by next Monday. Then it will depend how long the publisher takes to send me a proof copy. I am hoping for a paperback release sometime the beginning of June. If you don’t know what this project is about, I took all the recipes I used while I cooked on my boat, and combined it with my 2 week menu plan, a sample shopping list, and a bunch of things I learned while cooking on a ship. The main target audience is new cooks on a boat or a ship, but the book would be good for anyone wanting to learn to cook good, basic family meals. A lot of non boat people have expressed interest, so I created the Facebook page and the YouTube channel to expand my audience. I’ll keep updating everyone as the book gets finished! Thanks for your support!


So one thing that I would like your ideals on is turning food waste into reconditioned product. I was talking to a Steward at the hall. He said he takes the old bread and pancakes from breakfast and turns it into bread pudding. Do you have ideals on doing this with other things?


Off the top of my head you can also use the bread for stuffing or even croutons. I always kept unused bacon and sausage and put it in a quiche. You can always use the bacon for bacon bits with potatoes, or to put into dips etc.Getting creative with leftovers is important when you can’t just run to the store for something. If I made a pork butt or pork loin one day the next day I could use the pork for bbq pork sandwiches or Doeji Bulgogi (Korean Spicy Pork). Let me know if there’s anything specific you’re thinking of too. There’s a lot more I’m not thinking of right now but I hope this helps!


How do you make sure greasy foods like chili, fried chicken, french fries ect. aren’t swimming in grease by the time people eat them?


Two questions today-awesome! I’ve never had a problem with chili being greasy, but when it comes to chicken and french fries, paper towels are your friend. If you are doing french fries in a deep fryer, shake the basket before emptying the basket onto something lined with paper towels. With bacon or fried chicken, I’ll blot the tops as well as putting paper towels down on the plate. Hope that helps!


You can also bake bacon in the oven on a rack with a pan to catch the grease. I find bacon more crunchy in the oven anyway


Easiest way to keep chili from being greasy is to drain off the fat/grease after browning what ever meat you are using.