Cooking at Sea

I don’t know how it is in the other segments of the industry, but in my slice of the Pacific Northwest/Alaska there is a shortage of boat cooks. It’s a skilled trade, and good cooks are in demand ashore (gee thanks, Food Network…) so we see fewer of them applying than in years past.

I’ve been waiting for someone to create a nautical cooking program that trains the cook, prepares them for sea, and then acts as a hiring hall placing them (for a suitable placement fee from the boat company, of course). In my sphere we need 1 or 2 relief cooks a year, but we would pay a good fee to locate quality people, especially if they understand what a food budget is.

CAS, do you think the idea of a nautical cooking school is viable?


Although I dont know anyone who ever graduated from there or how good it is, here is a link to a 28 day course. Someone’s making money off your idea! Scroll down to where it says “son of a sea cook cooking school”.

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I’d like to make a cooking show where they take accomplished cooks/chefs and tell them they have to make a basic dinner with 2 entrees, a side, a salad, a vegetable, and a dessert. Tell them they have 4 hours to accomplish this. Then when they all stand there smirking, begin moving the entire kitchen to simulate a mud boat or a small tug in the trough and randomly change the roll period.


The most important skill any boat cook has is an immunity to sea sickness.

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If they don’t get sea sick, are willing to learn, and they arent lazy, you can teach anyone the rest. It’s surprising to me how hard it is to find someone like that.

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That’s a great idea! I would for sure watch that show. Chopped meets Deadliest Catch.

How about; first round in the trough, second round slamming into a steep head sea and finally; full speed with big quartering sea, mostly an easy roll but with an occasional deep, heart-stopping roll with a long “is she coming back?” hang at the end.


They should include a round simulating a large sailboat where it rolls back and forth but neutral is ~10-15 degrees to one side.

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These days our navy trains cooks to a high standard where they qualify for a civilian qualification that is in demand by hospitality industry and is recognised worldwide. Gone are the days when they fed us cheap tobacco and slops.
I was lucky enough to have two young cooks who had left the navy and had worked in high end restaurants. We ate like kings and in budget.
The San Francisco Bar Pilots had two ex restaurant chefs on the pilot cutters and according to the pilots I sailed with dined very well indeed.

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I saw this some time ago.

Son of a Sea Cook


Yes! That’s the place I was telling him about.

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