Controversial new Coast Guard rescue vessel arrives in Chatham

Interesting how the CG determines where to station these new 45-foot boats.

The new 45-foot vessels are widely used in ports across the country, but are not authorized to go into surf breaking more than 8 feet high. Coast Guard officials have said that their data does not support keeping a surf-rescue vessel and specially trained crew at the Chatham station.


Project planning is an art. Pier space as an afterthought.

The modern Gemini GRX420 surf rescue boat.

For surf rescue these boats are the best and outperform the old style lifeboat. The propulsion is also state of the art, no dangerous propellors but hi-jackers. The hi-jackers, also known as speed tubes, beneath the floats allow this boat to sail through the surf at higher speeds, making the rescue team more likely to reach a drowning person, greatly increasing the latter’s chances of survival. It can carry 7 passengers.

The speedtubes are a development from racing with Zapcats. Due to the successes achieved with the speedtubes on these Zapcats, they have also been used on the Gemini GRX420. It is now a proven concept.

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