Complete Logistical Services

What can you tell me about them? Anybody had any experience with them?

My bad! I’m looking for some information on Complete Logistical Services.
Anyone have any experience with them?

They are a recruiter/placement company that gets paid by the company, not the mariner. AFAIK, they only place temps unless you get picked up by the company as full time and I’ve heard from some people that that’s one of the better ways to get hired. A lot of companies want to try an employee out before hiring them permanently so they contract with temp companies until they find an employee they want to hire permanently.

I don’t have any experience working through them though so I too would love to hear from anyone with first hand experience.

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Me? No, I’m not going to trade a permanent job for a temp spot.

If you’re asking the OP, he asked the initial question almost a year ago. I just thought it would be good to have some information on them in the forum so I resurrected the dead thread.

I’ve been working with CLS (and all the other temp agencies) for the last couple of years. They’re pretty good to work for. Only problem is: they don’t have nearly enough work! Same as the rest of them.

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Are there any benefits through CLS? Medical, etc?

No. None of the temp agencies has any benefits, except Spencer-Ogden has some insurance coverage, but you pay a lot for it.

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Yeah, definitely not giving up a steady job for that.

Nope. I wouldn’t either. If I could find a steady job. I got laid off late 2015 and haven’t been able to find anything yet!
Working for the temp agencies is great when there’s plenty of work. It’s barely survivable when there’s not. But I’d still rather be working offshore than at Walmart.

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My company uses CLS on a regular basis for both deck and engine room positions. Talking to the guys they seem to get a fair deal, you have the option of turning the job down for whatever reason. We have hired a few of them.

Alot of people with full time slots will moonlight for them, CLS has lots of short term stuff too. People here moonlight there, the only catch is that the job has to be in a non competitive segment of the industry.

The last 2 guys we got on my rig, had very little or no offshore experience. The last guy never been offshore and said he was an OS, when a roustabout was requested.
No idea what kinda wage these guys are paying. It seems the ones that have came to my rig from this company are usually guys that have been out of work in the down turn.