Company Training? Worth it?

Trying to get an idea of company training others may receive. Is your training USCG approved, recognized, or just some ‘company X’ training?

It would appear to me that with the Manilla amendment’s coming into affect, we should all be getting ‘approved’ training, not company training that has little to no value to the outside world. Thoughts?

As far as I know all of our company training is CG approved. Why would a company want to use non approved training? Seems like a waste of money.

We do 2 weeks in the winter of non-uscg training. It usually involves overview on how to use our VMS, updates to our Chart Plotting. We also take 2nd mates and Chief mates out with a tug and barge and let them practice on the sticks with our captains.

Your mates can’t do wire work?

The capt. Predominately does all of the maneuvering on the line haul boats as far as flops and such. The training is more for the second mates to ease into boat handling as many are deckhands who have hawepiped to 2nd mate.

[QUOTE=Tugted;74968]Your mates can’t do wire work?[/QUOTE]

You would be amazed at how many boats have ‘sea mates’ that aren’t even allowed to handle the boat.

I know most 2nd mates are seabouy mates, but the 1st/chief mate not doing it is messed up.

Some capts. Do let the chief mates do maneuvering mostly the ones who are mentoring to become perspective capts.

When I worked tugs as a Mate, I did all of my own work, wire work, round-ups, hell gate transits @ max current, ship work, you name it, I did it. Most harbor/coastal mates on the east coast do their own work, but I hear the west cost is not like that, and a lot of ATBs the capt does the boat handling from what I’ve heard.

Very true is a different game over here for the most part.

Exactly. The West Coast is easy living for a mate.