Commercial Cruise Process

Can someone explain to me in detail how the commercial cruise process works? Which companies are usually picked first?

Picked? By whom? Passengers?

[QUOTE=catherder;102095]Picked? By whom? Passengers?[/QUOTE]

The students that are fulfilling their sea time by sailing commercially. To my knowledge, the school provides a list of companies that are willing to take in a student, and based on their standing in school and demerits, the students get to pick in a certain order, but maybe I’m wrong.

When I was there, tankers were the first to go. I forget how demerits weighed into the equation but they did affect students pick order.

The pick list is based on GPA and how many demerits you have, merits don’t matter. The cadets then pick what ship they want depending on the pick number they got. Tankers are usually the first to go, but it depends on what the top cadets want.

Exceptions: If you have an in with a company, you can have them call and request that you sail with them. MSC is also done different. Any cadet wishing to sail with MSC has to decided prior to the pick list coming out. MSC then has a separate pick list and the process is done the same.

Companies will let the school know how many cadets they are willing to take, from what major and if they want male or female. Female cadets usually go in pairs.

Hope this helped. If you have any more questions, just ask.

Another reason to try to get a gig on board during semester breaks.

super helpful:

There were some scanned billet assignments that had the listings of companies that offered billets for those summers somewhere also. They would give you an idea of the sorts of companies that would offer, but not even the Career Center knows what’s what from year to year. That’s probably why it’s so hard to come by that info.

Dalske puts on a really good showing for “this is how we do it” meeting that you shouldn’t miss. In fact, I think it’s required and roll is taken. That should answer all your questions.

You could email the dudes and see if they have access to those old billet assignments. They should.