COLREGS and Uncertainty


As another WAFI, I am always amused how all the steelwork lines up to be in the same part of the TSS as me just when I am about to cross… Then the horizon clears when I have crossed.

How do you guys know how to do it?


From the other side of the coin…
At nav school (yes us WAFI’s do go to nav school) we are told to take a compass bearing on an approaching ship. If the bearing remains constant etc etc…

But on a small boat bouncing about in a 2m swell (something that you won’t feel on 80,000 tones), it is near impossible to get a steady HBC fix to less than 5 degrees when you are still five miles away.

The only totally safe option is to turn back and make our intentions very clear to you but we may not even be near getting close… or hold on until it becomes clear if we are going to get close. But I do understand that from your height, you may be looking and windering…

That presupposes someone is actually looking out the windows.


Go ahead and presuppose. Then show me your port bow all day long


If you play in traffic get a AIS, in most cases large ships will alter course early to open up the CPA to the point where risk of collision never develops.