College suggestion for 2nd mate examination

Hello everyone. I’m deck cadet from India. I’ve completed 12 months of sea time out of my 18 months. I’m planning to give my 2nd mates examinations, after my next ship, from some good foreign college and get the CoC from there. It will be very kind of you to enlighten me some Colleges who would accept me with a [B]sea time of 18 month[/B]. I’ve so far done all my STCW courses (basics & Advanced), Oil/Gas/Chemical Tanker Familiarization Course, Radar Observation Course, Automatic Radar Plotting Aid Course in [B]India[/B]. Will I have to do these all courses all over again if I get into any such colleges ?
Kindly enlighten me with your opinions.

City of Glasgow college (formally Glasgow college of nautical studies) offers the cheapest OOW course in the UK