College credit for classes

Has anyone tried getting college credit for STCW classes. There are one or two places that offer them unfortunately I’ve already taken all my STCW classes. I’m thinking if a school offered them it could provide a great opportunity for working Mariners to earn a degree. Any ideas? thoughts?

In Oregon a few four year schools have that program. It goes by several names. On of the more common is " Credit Overlay."

Then there is somthing called “Assessment of Prior Learning” (APEL).
Try Googling: "College credit for work experience."
But ya, it all boils down to showem what ya got, college evaluates your certs/learning, you pay the tuition for the credits, ta da! Its pretty common among four year schools. The trick is knowing what each school calls it. A good place to start is a school’s Registrar’s Office. Give them a call and start asking.

Just another AB