Coffee anyone?

The Air Force have their expensive helmets and now their coffee cup:

Can the Navy top that??

they pull a lot of g’s when flying so they need tough coffee cups

I guess they need special cups to fit in the cupholders in the jets. After all, I sure they have some super super special cupholders as you wouldn’t want to spill your coffee on take off. LOL

And if you need to have something hot you wouldn’t want to use a pedestrian solution like a $20 thermos.

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“According to Travis Air Force Base in California, which has “poured” over the numbers, the cups have risen in cost from US$693 each in 2016 to US$1,220 in 2018, due to a lack of replacement plastic handles.”

what I think is amusing is that in 2016, they apparently thought it was ok to spend only $693 per mug. The cost has gone up because of the handles, and they admit that the extra cost makes it not so much of a bargain. Electric mugs available on Amazon for $29.95.

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