CNO on Navy Shipbuilding Mistakes : May Not Be Able To Recover In This Century

Much of the problem rests with decisions made to develop new technologies at the same time as the new hulls, a complex juggling act where one dropped ball puts the whole project in jeopardy. Speaking at the annual Surface Navy Association symposium, Gilday pledged that those days are over.

This problem, using bleeding edge technology. was identified years ago.

It doesn’t appear to be a problem for the defense industry or their pet politicians.

Sure, but it seems like a good thing that someone in the Navy at least thinks it’s possible there may be a problem.

It is a “problem” like a metastatic tumor is a problem. The disease has spread so widely that it can no longer be denied or ignored. Methinks the CNO is doing some reputational prophylaxis instead of the too long delayed radical surgery.


A comedic take on a very longstanding problem in our military industrial complex, but entertaining as hell.

Too many other self serving factors involved in the development of weapon systems in this country.

The CNO has figured out the problem. Fantastic.

I wonder if NAVSEA will? Not super hopeful. The frigate program office is full of folks who migrated in from the LCS program.