Chloé Candies reaches 500,000 hrs w/o incident

Saipem America, a worldwide leading provider of construction and subsea engineering services to the offshore oil and gas industry, announced that the Chloé Candies, a multi-purpose support vessel, and her crew reached 500,000 man hours without a Lost Time Incident (LTI) or a Recordable Incident. The crew achieved the milestone mark during the period of September 25, 2006 thru July 2, 2009 – working 1,010 days without incident.

Brian T. Fine, President/CEO of Saipem America stated, “It is through great teamwork, individual awareness, and looking out for each other that this milestone was able to be achieved in a very dynamic and changing environment … All that have served and worked on the Chloé Candies should take great pride in this outstanding achievement. Our track record for safety and performance has built a high level of trust with our customers. Saipem is committed to being a clear leader in Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) performance as we are managing and delivering projects for the Oil & Gas industry.”

Lynn Lehmann, Company QSHE Manager at Saipem America, stated, “The daily actions of the Saipem America employees assigned to the Chloé Candies continually reinforces the corporate wide safety initiative – The Safer, The Better.”

The Chloe Candies is a US Flagged, Class II DP ROV support vessel with a healthy 8,000 sq.-ft. deck area inclusive of a 20’x25’ moon pool and a permanently installed 100 ton Tele-knuckle crane. The vessel features a helideck, cinema, gymnasium, hospital and private conference room along with accommodations for 66 personnel.

Via Rigzone

wow, good for them…

Worked for a company that had a ship with an outrageous time without a LTI or RI, like 300k. Then an AB put a hole in his fore arm with a water blaster… As they say, safety is no accident.

On the same token, I was on another ship that had a “pycho-for-safety” captain. Despite his attitude, classmate of mine died in an accident on the ship…