Chief Engineer Limited near costal

I have a “Chief Engineer Limited near coastle” license right now, and would like to know how do i get a Chief Engineer Limited oceans?
Do I test again or turn in sea time? Thanks for any input…

Chief limited near coastal automatically gets oceans when requested or upon renewal. They don’t issue chief limited near coastal anymore.

See page 6 of Enclosure (1) to NVIC 2-14:
Beginning March 24, 2014, a mariner who renews a national endorsement as Chief Engineer (Limited-Oceans) or Chief Engineer (Limited-Near Coastal) will be issued the endorsement of Chief Engineer (Limited) without additional requirements if they are otherwise qualified to renew their MMC.

The combined endorsement is good for near coastal and oceans. If you have renewed since March 24, 2014, and did not get the new combined Chief Engineer-Limited, contact NMC and ask to have it added.

Thanks so much sir.
much appreciated.

Thanks sir.