Centerline for sale?

Sounds like a real can-doer kinda guy.

Looks like the bond got downgraded.

Anyone know anything about this one ?

Anyone able to share what is beyond the firewall?

Why isn’t the IBU (or ILWU - they have lots of money) providing his legal defense?

Isn’t that what a union is for?

There are lots of other jobs available for mariners. Why doesn’t he just get a new job?

By the way, I see that Centerline is running job ads - hiring for all positions in New York.

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He was not acting as a representative of the union at the time, just a concerned citizen.

Your right there are plenty of good jobs in the industry but why dont we act like men and stand up for our rights and make these employers do the right thing.

Lets grow a pair and not relocate our families.

Why not grow a pair and demand that the IBU defend him? No union weaseling out of protecting members on technicalities.

Why should non-union mariners be donating money to subsidize an ineffective union and union mariners unwilling to grow a pair?

Why not grow a pair and simply vote with your feet and leave Harley for better readily available jobs? Lots of jobs available in California: Crowley, Foss, Sause Bros., Curtin, Pacific Tug, and others have been advertising for mariners at better pay. SUP and SIU have both been looking for new member


There are lots of local la/lb guys that have made most if not their entire career in that harbor. It is also predominantly a union harbor. A lot don’t have the endorsements nor desire to go anywhere else, especially if it involves not being home daily. Gotta admire their tenacity to say the least.

As I recall, the IBU “Fundraiser” guy who has since deleted his post (I guess his pair shrunk), he said this guy Chris (I assume that’s Leo The Cowardly Lion (small pair screen name, but he was waving a bigger pair than he had when he took on his ex-boss), is a Tankerman?

An OS, or AB, QMED, or Tankerman endorsement has no geographic limitations.

But yes, a different story for harbor guys who are captains. They might only have 100 ton Inland licenses, which might have further geographic route limitations. They may not have much of a license, but these guys are very good at harbor work in the harbor that they know like the back of their hand.

If you want a tugboat job where you go home every night, you may need to eat some shit sandwiches to get it and keep it.

California is a very expensive place to live with very high taxes. These guys deserve to be paid well.

IBU appears to be a weak union that rolls over easy for employers and does very little to support its members.

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Are you done talking to yourself?

I took it down because I dont need dipshits like you to ridicule this mans current situation. All you had to do was read it and move on. I can tell you like to hear yourself talk. Probably a joy to work with.

Oh, I’m sympathetic to his being sued by the ex-boss.

I’m not sympathetic to the worthless IBU failing to defend him. And I think that’s worth pointing out.

Its ludicrous for union labor to be begging mostly non-union mariners for a hand out when their union does not do its job.

I’ve been bashing the worthless tugboat inland division unions for a very long time. I’ll stop when they start doing a good job of representing their members.


I say good on the guy for fighting.

I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. 'Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death.

-Thomas Paine

Btw, the new KBRA report is up - Downgrade rating has been affirmed.

KBRA Affirms Ratings of Two Classes from Harley Marine Financing LLC, Series 2018-1 .pdf (82.8 KB)

Wow haven’t checked this sight in a long time. I can say one thing I know for sure is centerline is trash. I left a while ago voluntarily. I feel bad for the crews. I’ve heard right from the senior managements mouth the way they talk about them, refer to them as “trailer trash”, you name it.

As far as being for sale. I think it’s always been for sale. Just no buyers. Constant downgrades on the bonds. Terrible reputation.

Look at the good companies like Moran for instance. (Full disclosure I do not work there, left the industry on tugs and barges for a position over a year ago as a consultant for finance firms investing in the maritime space). Are any of the big, solid companies posting adds daily looking for people both shoreside and on the boats? Nope, because no one leaves and people come to them which fulfill there manning needs. I love how centerline portrays it as “growing”. Such a joke.


I agree. I worked at Bouchard and there was never any turnover.
Oh wait a minute, there was a shitload.

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Yeah those review seem pretty accurate of what I’ve seen and heard. I am thankful for having worked at Harley marine. It makes me so appreciative of my current job.

They have 3 full pages of openings on their website. Not too hard to do the math on that one.