Centerline for sale?

This literally proves what everyone has been saying but the company denies.

I would believe it to be 100% true the company is not for sale - who the hell would buy a disaster like this. The only other company that stirred up so much BS when the name was mentioned was Bouchard. Hence it’s very fitting the ended up with a bunch of Bouchard equipment.

The way the CEO answers threads is the exact same way Morty Bouchard would pop on here.

At least with Morty you knew where you stood and he screwed you to your face haha. I am now a few years out from working at centerline but they are the talk of the industry. I work shoreside and was recently promoted to a more senior management level in the petroleum industry and the gossip about centerline (which outside of centerline everyone still refers to as Harley) is sickening. I just skip over the fact that I worked there anymore when talking to people. Better not to have it tarnish me.

And this goes more for shoreside. The guys on the boats everyone knows are being screwed. The management is the one failing everyone. That’s why besides a select few there is hardly anyone that stays more than a year or two. Look at the office in Bayonne across the river from where I work. There is literally more assistants to help get things done properly working in my department than shoreside in the entire Harley east coast office lol.

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