Careers: How do we choose?

Maybe of interest to some from January’s Seaways but also found here:

Cynically I like:

“We want young people to have all the facts, presented in an honest and balanced way, to allow them to make their choice.”…do that and then they will never go to sea!

“The industry should make clear facts available to careers advisers, parents and pupils and not try to hide the less favourable aspects of the job.”…what, like all of it?

“Your best assets in helping the right young people choose the sea, are your current junior officers and cadets? – look after them!”…that seems to be going against the grain.

“Don’t just tell yarns about the good old days…”…but isn’t that what starts the fire of desire in the first place?

Bakelite… you ARE cynical… love it! :slight_smile:

BTW, where in RI are you? I just moved back up to MA after spending 10 years in RI. Love taking the charters out of Point Judith and Galilee off the SW coast of Block Island to reel in the monster stripers! I’m just starting my journey into the maritime industry after spending the last 16 years managing car dealerships (Tasca, Flood, Tarbox and Inskip in RI). I’m assuming the job prospects in RI are as bleak as they are up here in Boston?

Thanks again for the post. Much enjoyed reading it.


Ah, the good old days when it was so easy to get on a ship. Now, you have to learn how to jump through hoops, roll over, shake, play dead and fetch. And if you have fleas or mange, so sorry. Oh yeah, and give up all your buried bones!!!