Car falls off Fisher Island ferry

I’ll be curious as to how this happened. Driver error? A failure of the crew to properly chock the car?

I believe the teen driver was behind the wheel. Anyways just to show you that most likely they couldn’t get out because of the electric locks and windows.

This also happened about 15 years ago when a woman drove her car off the Lynchburg ferry in the Houston ship channel. Adult beverages were involved.

Teen driver? The driver was 63 and the passenger 75.

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sources familiar with the investigation said they believe the car was not in park and the driver mistakenly hit the gas pedal and went through a lightweight barrier into the water.

The CFRs state that vehicles are to be chocked (the first and last in each line) and shut off.

If you google image search the ferries I’ve seen a bunch of aerial photos with no car blocks visible…

I thought if you live on fisher island you are rich and smart…

I worked on the Governors Island car ferry back in the day. We had plenty of mishaps. Had cars roll into each other, had motorcycles fall over. Had a drunk coastie try to drive off the boat before the safety cable was removed. Had another drunk coastie do a Mario Andretti impression on an empty vehicle deck. He did about 3 laps before he was shut down.

But we never lost a car, never even had a legit man overboard while I was there.