Bridge watch 1st class cruise

What do first class cadets do on the bridge watch? There are so many cadets on the bridge, was wondering what they do?

Depends on what school you’re talking about, and what watch you’re on. At Schuyler, there is one 1/C that is in charge of the watch, one that is in charge of the helm (with 2 other underclassman), and one that is on “Radar Watch.” There are also 2 1/C in the aft chartroom, in charge, and teaching.

Thanks! So the one in charge of the watch really gets worked and probably messed with by instructors. Do they make him shoot celestial, work logbook, speed round of questions,etc? haha or is it more laid back.

Depends on who the mate on watch is. All of them will want that work done - plots every half hour, SMG, CMG. Celesital should be done without even being asked, along as the weather is nice. Some mates don’t really care if you do it personally or designate somebody else to do it, as long as the list is done after 4 hours. Usually there are questions as the watch progresses - the farther you get through cruise, the harder they become, and the more you should know. You should also be able to do things without being asked/told towards the end.

Thanks again! Do you have any tips on how to prepare for 1st class cruise on the bridge? I am not going to your school but I imagine it is similar.

Well, if it were the fall, I’d say try and take the BRM class in the simulator to get some experience. Know your rules, be ready to ask questions about things you don’t know about, and make sure your knowledge grows as the cruise goes on.