BRIDGE recording of PORTER (DDG78) collision

[I][B]bridge recording of uss porter[/B][/I]

Not much to say. NAV aboard the uss porter saw it coming and CO didn’t want to hear it. Makes my skin crawl

Having been a DWO in the military, I don’t know why this doesn’t happen more often. The majority of JO’s that I observed coming up were so scared to make a decision because of the CO. They were never allowed to make a course alteration on their own unless they consulted with the CO. How many times have you been called on the radio for passing arrangements by a military vessel and you say to yourself…“what in the world are you thinking”. When I am meeting one now in the civilian world, Im always on the defensive until they are free and clear of me.

Crazy audio. Wish there was more of that around. My brother sends me audio of aircraft accidents every once in a while. Some of the shit they say in their last minutes…crazy. - shows the Otowasan’s track. - chart for the Strait of Hormuz

Not all the pieces, but interesting to get an idea of the situation. Tanker was approaching the outbound lane for the strait. WTF was the destroyer doing? I certainly don’t miss navigating as a DWO on a military ship in restricted waters. What a cluster fuck. CG was nice as they let a lowly 2nd class PO, like myself, get qualified as long as you knew your shit. In restricted waters it was always hard to filter out all the noise up there with all the JO’s scrambling around trying to look good in front of the CO and XO. Underway was much nicer. I stood my watch and people left me the fuck alone. I do long to have a helmsman now and then. Coming into Fourchon. Barking orders at the AB.

Ah boss they’ll get out of the way, learned that driving the saratoga!


Oops…better get Maaco! (probably $25M bill to fix that) At least the CO got his head handed to him!

camo BDU’s on sailors…EFFING MORON!

surely that was a recording from a TV comedy parodying the Navy?

This is not that surprising, as others have stated. They are just really lucky that nobody was killed. I wonder how far over she went on impact? I thought I heard that great sound of everything flying off the chart table. Maybe this will persuade the navy to better train their surface warfare officers on rules. Last one I had beers with had a canned answer to any rules type of situation, “Call the captain!”

Seems like when the navy is operating around here in Washington they rarely answer the radio calls made to them. When they do you can usually hear all the confusion going on in the wheelhouse, the radio guy has the ask someone what do say and so on so forth.

Why are there like 50 eleven people talking and yelling on the bridge? Why does it take the navy so many people to drive a boat? How come dumb civilians can make this same passing with only one or two people on the bridge? Unless I misunderstood the master wasn’t on the bridge. I’ve heard some good stuff from other forum members lately. Things like “don’t call me to be a witness” and “call me 30 minutes before you do something stupid”. Is there no standing orders in the navy?

… It was just a scratch boss, I promise!

I love it! I haven’t heard 50 eleven (or similar) since I was a youngin’.

[QUOTE=powerabout;109352]surely that was a recording from a TV comedy parodying the Navy?[/QUOTE]


Just saying…

Commander Martin F. Arriola graduated from the United States Merchant Marine Academy in 1992 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Engineering and a commission in the U.S. Naval Reserve-Inactive Ready Reserve (Merchant Marine Reserve Program). After graduation, CDR Arriola worked for Exxon Corporation in Guam as a Bulk Fuels Terminal Supervisor. In September 1995, CDR Arriola voluntarily commenced Active Duty service.

Google “navy ship collision” and you’ll find all kinds of gems.

Look up the USS Hartford (submarine) collision with another Navy ship. The navigator was listing to his iPod via some speakers they rigged up.

Another submarine, the USS Greenville, sunk a Japanese fishing vessel with loss of life and I think there has been discussion of raising the wreck.

I don’t remember it being this bad when I was in. They need to get a handle on this shit.

[QUOTE=powerabout;109352]surely that was a recording from a TV comedy parodying the Navy?[/QUOTE]

More like the tape of a job interview for a new MARAD administrator, KP boss, or a some other beltway hack.

After reading between the lines he ran the fuel farm in Guam? Then went active duty… No wonder. Well back to the fuel farm I suppose.

What a consummate group of complete incompetents. Simply amazing. Something is broken in the USN when they can take a group of well educated people and make them collectively perform like someone with a room temp IQ. John Paul Jones would roll over in his grave.

Nasty hit.


Since we’re talking about navy/merchant ship collisions, did I hear right that a carrier coming or going from Norfolk hit a merchant ship at anchor, well outside the designated channel mind you, a few years ago? That was just a story I heard, probably not much more than a fish tale, but I’d like to know if it’s true or not. I always wonder how they make it from point A to point B in one piece with that many people on the bridge at one time.

You heard right. But it back in the 1980’s.