Bourbon Peridot having fun



Good one Dave. Thx for the share.


Thanks !! Good to know the next generation is as goofy as mine !! There is hope for the future.


I liked this, whoever instigated this aboard … well, I think it depicts a tight crew, surprised they got that many people on the bridge involved. The guy hanging on the trolly down below was a eye catcher floating along like that.


The Bourbon Peridot is a French owned, Norwegian managed, Bahamas flag vessel with a mixed crew and contractors of many nationalities on board. Which in my experience makes for a happy ship, as seen in that video:


Apparently this fad is catching on.
Here is the crew on MODU West Phoenix in the North Sea showing off their singing skills:

They probably shouldn’t give up their offshore jobs for a music career.


Or a dancing crew on a bulker: