Bouchard? Still in business?

I don’t know if it still holds but foreign seamen had to have a D-2 visa to enjoy shore leave in the US. At one stage I had a D-2 visa, and a C-1 visa as an ordinary visitor in my passport. 3 different photos illustrating that if you look like the photo in your passport you’re too ill to travel.

Similarly, the last couple of years I was sailing, I would only go ashore in ports where I had a reason (Port Everglades because I lived in Lauderdale at the time), Corpus (because I had a lady friend there). . and Tampa (well, Stoney’s). . . I still had to make a little bit of an ass of myself. . . .

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Good news…

I live 1hr west of Albany, tied up everywhere on the river from the federal locks to the battery. On an ATB run to one certain facility you where treated worse than an actual inmate, dont even ask to get on the dock nevermind out the gate. But… go up to Crossgates mall and you see the ministry vans loaded to the gills with Filipinos but the newspaper and donuts had to be slid under the gate because it was too much work to get someone off their ass to let a couple guys out of the gate. Had a good employee unfortunately lose his job because there was an issue over crew change and parking your car inside the gate, someone pulled the race card / felt offended and the guy went down the road because the crewmember made a comment about leaving his car outside the gate in a truly shithole area, again it’s a joke anymore trying to get off the boat, dont even bother asking.

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I remember once having to crew change by crew boat at a refinery because they would not allow us up on the dock, much less through the gate.

They made a big stink about the crew boat. If they had known about the crewboat before it arrived, they would not have allowed that either.

One of the many reasons that I rarely get involved in transporting oil.

There is a pressing need for legislation and penalty wages to protect American seamen’s rights to go ashore in America.


Always great when you get told there is a $300 “TWIC Escort” fee to go ashore. You call their bluff and order it, a bullshit local cabbie pulls up in a minivan. Some “escort”…

Also why do you need a “TWIC Escort” when you already hold a TWIC? Bastards

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I was involved in 3 incidents involving terminals / ATBs and it’s pretty sad how poorly the maritime world is treated. The best was we left the barge, went to change out 6hrs later and it was an issue, office involved, now 12hrs, loading a cargo they couldn’t shut down at the terminal without some issues, guy on the barge read the DOI off verbatim and said if I’m not taken off in 30mins after 15hrs I’m pushing the E-Stop and calling the USCG, shit hit the fan :rofl: another time we had an inspector get hurt pretty badly, laying on the table in the office, collar bone sticking out, face is rashed up pretty good, he urinated and deficated laying on the table, called everyone, NY-FD said unless hes about dead we aren’t coming on a loaded 100kbl gas barge, guess what buddy down the ladder you go and we walked him to the ambulance on the other side of the pipeline. It’s a joke anymore, collect the check, go home.


Having no axe to grind but merely reading reports on the main site, I am pleased to read the article on 3 Feb about being ordered to submit safety plans etc.

A safety plan on paper doesn’t mean a thing, if the owner lacks the proper mindset and lacks adequate financial resources to carry it out.

Insolvency is an inherently unsafe condition. So is having a crazy and desperate owner.

There are lots of small to midsized vessel operating companies with highly variable income and expenses that are basically insolvent most of the time and lurching from one financial crisis to the next.

There is no shortage of crazy owners either.

Man, I know. I remember in Corpus one year, a long time ago, they wouldn’t let my new girlfriend come down with me one night. . . .the horror!

There is no safety plan. They have barges anchored with 1 man on board. And no tug along side. They have a barge tied up at Brooklyn Piers. No one on board. And it’s not gas free. “ Safety Plan”?? Yeah ok.

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The Denise was searching for where to get water in Philly today and from the looks of their track they never got it , poor guys can’t even wash their ass


Maybe the Denise shouldn’t have been company men and took the barge to Philly.

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you have to get off when it sinks I assume…

any update if they met the requirements of the COTP in NY harbor?

A day or two after the unwelcome letter from COTP, Supposedly, the" proper" paperwork and compliance was submitted and cleared by USCG Sansone .Unless it’s fake news, they are back to business as usual, but with quite a bit of scrutiny.

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His house and Jet are for sale, maybe if he sells them he can start paying his employees?


How would you know that Kullman?

Its on the internet. It’s a nice Jet.

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