Blowin' in the wind / Capt. Livingstone

Just what I needed to hear. That the police are facing a crisis. That most police are hardworking and honest. What hard work? Writing traffic tickets? Killing, on average, three people a day, for the past five years? Planting incriminating evidence on people? Mauling journalists covering demonstrations?
The police are a corrupt institution in this country. Yes, it’s a shame that “good” cops won’t expose the crimes of the “bad” ones. Of course their silence is a sign of an even more depraved corruption.
Re-evaluate your wishful thinking.
And Btw, regarding arrivals and departures: the number of each should match in the official logbook at the end of the voyage. If they don’t, something bad happened. Please reconsider your pointless aphorism: “take more arrivals than departures”.