Blackberry Issues

I can’t use gCaptain on my BB anymore. This started about 3 weeks ago. I can access the main area of the site but when I try to read a post I get an error that I don’t have the right browser.

I was wondering if anyone out there is succesfully using their BB, in which case I would know it is a problem with just mine?

I’ll have to get access to a blackberry to troubleshoot. Unfortunately I’m in Korea right now but I’ll take a good look at this when I get back to the States in 2 weeks.

Thanks for your patience.

Ok I installed a new Blackberry theme that should drastically change how the forum looks when you view it on a blackberry.

I have no way of checking this and I’m not sure i got the hook right so let me know if it worked.

I’ll check it out and get back to you. btw North or South Korea, you didn’t say, LOL.

Big improvement to the bb. I can now access the postings. Highlighted in bold is the most recent post from each category.

I used to be able to see the list of recent postings (across all the different categories). That capability is still missing.

Thanks !

We’ll look at fine tuning it when John gets back. Thanks for sticking with us.

Blackberry service went down again today. Getting browser error. Thx.