Bidens Commencement address to USCG grads

240 USCG young men and women graduated today. The President of our country took the time to welcome them. Don’t care who you voted for, what an honor for our young educated people going forward in their careers. He said “We need you”. His speech writer was on it.

If anyone thinks his “Navy joke” fell flat; it did. I was there when President Reagan delivered the address in '88 and used the same line (one of the innumerable phrases we had to learn as Swabs).

It was painful to see the clip from the '21 graduation. Then again, at least they graduated…I could never decide if fishing or studying for an exam was more important. “Ooo! Striped bass by the waterfront!” Ah, well. Lots of good memories, lots of fish.

Still, having the President at your graduation/commissioning must be pretty cool.

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The speaker for 2015 USMMA (Pete Racket) was a most respected alumni who was a great supporter and athlete who passed a few years ago . They clung to his to every word, as did I and my bride… I do remember every play from Toop coached football games, Was just glad to see the hats fly at the beginning of their journey. Seeing my guy on the front row was awesome. Whether on the front or back row, those kids went through hell and back and finished that early part in their lives.

Can’t remember who the speaker was at my undergrad or graduate ceremonies, obviously didn’t leave an impression.

I listened to it on YouTube…It was okay I guess. I doubt if the graduating class necessarily hung on every word. It touched on most of the themes found in commencement speeches I’ve heard over the years.

Seadog, I know I enjoyed his speech, unless you were there, you wouldn’t know. I asked my son." Do you remember who spoke at your commencement?" Yes Dad, it was Pete. I know he was well recieved by most in attendance. We all knew he had terminal cancer and life was short. He spoke from his heart, and still ran track until he couldn’t get out of bed. I met and chatted with the man more than a few times. As genuine as it gets. The mids and school thought quite well of him,as did I. Biden did not have a clue, Pete did.

Total bilge.
He only got applause because he’s POTUS and “C”Mon Bro”.

What a worthless example of “leadership “…