Bargain Time


anyway, after that short interlude I thought it would be nice to return to the topic of this thread

yes, you appear to be correct on that and ironically to this thread they have a small expedition passenger vessel in their fleet which appears to be a conversion from an OSV

see it here

now to take this idea and move in onto a US built 90+m platform and you will have a very nice 180+pax ship with global capability but more importantly, the ability to do all Alaskan cruises including to distant Alaska locations like the AK Peninsula, Aleutian Islands, the Bering Sea and the Arctic coast even.

How to sell one of these companies on the idea?


The Sea Endurance is one of three vessel built in Denmark in 1992 to carry cargo and pax on the west coast of Greenland:
Sold to become the expedition cruise vessel Quest in 2007
Now owned by Albatross Travel AS, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Here is some details:

But yes, let’s get back to what OSVs now available at bargain basement prices can be used for.
PSVs, especially the larger and newer ones with high ice class, would be suitable for conversion to Polar Cruises, as has been discussed in another thread earlier.

In fact plans to convert PSV to various tasks are afoot in Norway and Holland:


As a foreign built and Bahamas flag vessel of only 1300 GT there is not much opportunity on QUEST for living wage paying American mariner jobs.


and who was proposing that? my proposal was for a vessel of triple the passenger capacity enough to justify the expenses of the conversion and the operation

or do you have some better solution of what to use these surplus PSVs for?


I do not see much new opportunity for new American flag cruise ships. Unless, foreign flag cruise ships are significantly restricted In the US cruise market.

As it is, Hawaii and River Cruises are about the only possibilities for American flag cruise ship growth. The Hawaii cruise market appears to be stuck at just a couple ships, maybe that’s the extent of that market. American River cruises could be developed, but our rivers, and most US river cities, are not all that nice, and are unlikely to become a large cruise market. We could never compete with what European rivers have to offer.

Alaska could support a significant US flag cruise business, but only if foreign flag ships are severely restricted, e.g. size limits, limited number of stops allowed between foreign ports, visa restrictions, etc.

As far as OSV conversions to cruise ships go, I’m not sure that is practical. The market trend seems to be toward ever larger and ever fancier ships. OSVs are too small to compete against the larger and more stable ships. No matter how cheap existing OSVs may become, the cost of conversion and operating cost would seem to be too high per passenger carried.


Don’t forget us


Crystal cruises L.A. has four new ships under construction in the German shipyard in Wismar ( Baltic sea shore )
just now and expanding.


An alternative use of Seismic vessels has been proposed by PSG:
Maybe a future for this vessel?:


It certainly is Bagening Time for OSVs.
Three 10,800 Bhp/>120 m.t. BP AHTSs have been sold for USD 9.6 Mill. enbloc:

What is not mentioned in the article is that they were actually owned by a group of Norwegian speculators and bare boat chartered to Swiber as new.

BTW; I inspect them pre-purchase at the yard in China on behalf of Swiber,


Container/fresh water runs to the Bahamas? It’s a pipe dream of mine but if OSV’s are going for as low as $500K it may almost be a possibility. I’m sure this isn’t a unique idea but I knew some Cayman Island guys who did this successfully - until they sank their boat.


I heard of an 190’ OSV that sold for 250k, but it was like early 70’s, but had been retrofitted with DP. Had 1 million put into it. Probably still needed the bottom replaced.


TAL is already going out of businesses last i heard there crew hasnt been paid in a month or so


I heard they had missed the last payroll. I’m unclear whether that was a clerical error or a money problem. They should be in contract negotiations with MEBA right now so maybe this is a bargaining technique.


Really? Could


Doesn’t this look very much like a converted GoM OSV? :
A 1970’s built Halter Marine boat maybe??


It could be a RYSCO or Champion Marine hull. The bow rake doesn’t look like a Halter.


Built by Halter Marine, Lockport
IMO: 7722059

2007-Present: SuRi


The Rosanna has come a long way since the GI days.


How many ports out there where offshore vessels linger on, like the Tidewater graveyard in Batam?

With modern, high HP anchor handlers and dedicated PSVs there must be hundreds of moderately rated vessels that will never work the oil patch again. Some are making their way into aquaculture, the smart money is the one who spots the opportunity while prices are low.,twotier-market-could-see-vessels-trapped-in-layup_48224.htm


Time to do what we have aaaalllllll been secretly thinking about - Brothel Boat in the GoM