Bargain Time


True, and I’m not claiming that doesn’t happen. My original statement was not including all the if’s and caveats.


As opposed to practically every single RRF ship sitting empty and rotting at the dock today?

What I am saying is that until every RRF ship is busy hauling government cargo there is no acceptable excuse for using a FoC ship for a single ton of that cargo.


Reminds me of the Falkland war. How quick ships got converted to suit military purposes.


This went from an OSV bargain to a Military Shipping thread. Hijacked.


and what’s yer pernt?


Scooter, shut up.



No, it just evolved along the lines of what people wanted to discuss.

If that bothers you, post something about “OSV bargains”


Go back and look at the title and the first post.


I want to discuss bacon.


Bargain time … “The cheap dayrates in the OSV market …”

So post something about OSV bargains. Maybe the military will buy them to ship stuff after all the OSV operators go broke because they signed cheap contracts to oil companies making record profits.

Not to worry though, the Norwegians will take up the slack.


NAH! the Navee will buy them at a buck fifty on the dollar and turn them all into sub escort vessels giving their former owners sweet 20 year no bid contracts to operate them because only their former owners “know how” to operate these vessels.

just you wait…


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