Azorian: The Raising of the K-129

This video is available on Amazon prime and definitely worth the watch.

Thanks for the info! This is an excellent piece of work and I highly recommend it to any one here. Especially to those so us who worked (or are still working) on the Glomar Explorer. It’s a great story, I caught it on the Military Channel months ago.

There is a great book written about it too.

I just finished “Blind Man’s Bluff”, an excellent read as well. I just bought red star rouge and azorian. I look forward to reading them next hitch.

there is only one book to read and that is the one by the guy that was there

they rest are just made up…
Anyone got any photos of the Honeywell DP system that was on board?
I am guessing that it was the first production DP system? Yes one offs existed prior.