Autonomous vessel forced to return for "Minor Repairs"

The “Mayflower” a 49’ unmanned vessel left England on Tuesday bound for Plymouth,Mass. It returned to England two days later after “Unforeseen problems”.

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That is part of development of new technology, From whatever failed, lessons were learnt (hopefully):

PS> I don’t know what went wrong here, but whatever it was, I doubt that the average Marine Engineer would have been able to fix it,

Who knows? What would you call the “Average Engineer”. The newbies have much better handle on the newer technology Or in this case perhaps “The basement guy”. Shit breaks and more than a few times improperly programmed… Agree , I hope they learned something that can be corrected. Always respect your opinion Bug.

I know why it failed.
It is stupid and it is pointless.
May as well try and fly to the moon.


or put a helicopter on Mars…
Crikey I heard some rich guy wants to build his own rocket and go into space…can you imagine…lol

You’re just making it up!

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This never happened on a manned vessel.