Attn: Fame Whores: Tugboats of New York Reality Show

[I][U]I Kid You Not, This was making the rounds of NY Harbor last January.

Tugboats of New York[/U],[/I] (working title)

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Tug-boating is a profession of often shaky finances and grueling work; a life dedicated to
the dark, murky waters of the harbors. Deckhands, pilots, engineers and cooks are blue
collar to the bone and blue lipped to the wind. From its early days in New York harbor
the tug boats and crews of the city’s waterways have always been a boisterous, lively
and hearty group of individuals. Today the tradition continues as old salts, cocky risktakers,
anxious rookies, and cantankerous cooks – all indelible characters, play host in
an exciting new television reality series titled:Tugboats of New York
The Tugboats of New York reality television series will follow the crew of men and
women who live and work aboard several modern New York Harbor tugboats.
The four (4) major areas of Harbor Men will include

  1. Commercial and Private Tug Boats and Crew
  2. Individual Licensed Pilots who must singularly board the large cargo ships and
    maneuver them through the channels
  3. Ferry Pilots who move thousands of people and vehicles from New Jersey to
    New York each day.
  4. Fireboats when possible.
    Anybody that’s tried docking a 24 foot pleasure boat knows how difficult and unyielding a
    task this can be…but try docking a 500 foot ship, now there’s a challenge! It takes a lot
    of skill to maneuver a ship or barge into place. Harbor Men will include a range of
    personable characters tasked with this job and more!
    Summary:Each tugboat has its own personality and is as colorful and weathered as the crew
    members who work them. In this one-of-a-kind television series Harbor Men will follow
    five to ten tugboats and their crews throughout the season in New York Harbor. The
    show will emphasize the very real danger to the crew on the decks of these boats but
    even more so, will highlight the unique personalities that only a Harbor-Man has and
    especially one who works around the docks. Each episode will focus on a story-line or
    situation that occurs on one or more of the tugs. Side stories in each episode will feature
    specific activities or challenges of one or more of the crew members. For example an
    episode story-line may include a crew member faced with taking the grueling harbor
    pilot’s license test in order to become captain of his or her own tugboat.
    Harbor tug captains will be featured prominently throughout each episode, highlighting
    the camaraderie with fellow captains, relationships with their crew, as well as their
    competitive nature against the other boats in the river and harbor fleets. Common
    themes woven throughout the overarching storyline include friendly rivalries between the
    captains, the family ties as many of the pilots and crew are often second and third
    generation family members, and the stresses of life on the water front.

[I]Haven’t heard anything more about the series or filming, but then I’d rather catch the clap. Of course, I’m a little old for this.[/I]

As the harbor churns. And churns. And churns. Oh. I AM impressed. Or not.

I guess it depends upon the gullibility or theatrascide one expects from Dollywood.

If they did a show about the tugs that I worked on running down to Puerto Rico, it would quickly evolve into a never ending poker game. . . . .

Yeah, that could be part of the show, too.

[QUOTE=cappy208;54549]I guess it depends upon the gullibility or theatrascide one expects from Dollywood.[/QUOTE]

Oh come on cappy, you know tugboaters are some of the biggest drama queens that exist. We could surely entertain better then the Real Housewives of Peyton Place…LOL