Asian Carp White House Summit

According to Fox News this morning. 70 Million has been approved for the third CARP barrier.

[quote=kzoo pilot;26746]Mike,
Is the Steve McKinney still around Cal Harbor? We used to see her quite a bit, but with the fall off in our business over there (most of the tfc going go to Burns Harbor now) we don’t get many boats past TOT anymore.[/quote]

Yep, we are still running Lemont to S and N Chicago. Sometimes as far south as St Louis.

We have been getting up there pretty regular. More in the summer than right now. Just glad to be working with the state of the freight market right now.

I see you live in sw michigan. Are you working around cal harbor right now?

Interesting. Where is the second carp barrier? And where would the third be placed?

[B]Feds Reveal Carp Plan Details[/B]

The federal government revealed more details Monday of a $78.5 million draft plan to keep Asian carp out of the Great Lakes.
The plan is being worked out between the Corps of Engineers and other federal agencies that make up the Asian Carp Workgroup, the governors of several Great Lakes states, and the White House Office of Environmental Quality. It includes limited closures of locks and spillways connecting the Chicago area to Lake Michigan.
The Asian Carp Control Strategy Plan, which emphasizes its draft status, calls for a “comprehensive approach” that involves short-term and long-term actions. Among the short-term actions:
• More poisoning by rotenone of areas below the electric barriers with heavy concentrations of carp, like the December operation carried out in the Chicago Sanitary & Ship Canal;
• Preparations for more immediate rapid response operations like the rotenone poisoning last year;
• Increase of the capacity of e-DNA analysis to 120 samples per week.
• Installing screens in sluice gates to block carp during release of water for flood control….
[B]AWO Offers Alternatives For Preventing Carp Spread[/B]

In the fight to keep the Asian carp out of the Great Lakes, we don’t need to choose between the environment and commerce, a representative of The American Waterways Operators told Congress February 9.
Del Wilkins, vice president-terminal operations and business development for Canal Barge Company, testified for AWO that framing the current debate on Asian carp as a choice of whether to protect the environment or ensure the continued flow of vital maritime commerce is an unnecessary one, and one that the nation cannot afford to make.
AWO members fully support robust measures that would protect the Great Lakes from the spread of Asian carp without sacrificing critical jobs or the environmental and economic benefits of barge transportation, Wilkins said. The industry and AWO have cooperated with federal and state agencies since 2004 on the safe operation of the electric fish barriers in the Chicago Sanitary & Ship Canal, he noted….
This excerpt taken from a daily email update from Marine Log I believe.

They are in the process of installing a second and third fish barrier to adjoin the upper and lower end of the existing fish barrier. It looks like there will be a solid 1200 feet or so of electrically charged water. There is talk of installing another on the Chicago river somewhere below Chicago lock. My guess would be in close proximity to Crawford power station.