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Not so new news, but the first detailed report I have seen about this unusual “rescue mission” for a Norwegian Coast Guard vessel:

The Russians like to have swimming pools wherever they are:

A good deed news story from the Arctic:

And good news news among rising military tention in the Arctic:

It is good that the Pomor spirit still exists among the people in the region, even as “big powers” (China, EU, Russia, USA) tries to muscle in to exploit the resources and opportunities there.

And the winner IIIIS!!

Looks like Novatek has sent the season’s first eastbound LNG shipment along the Northern Sea Route. One of the icebreaking LNG carriers, Nikolay Urvantsev, is currently sailing independently but is expected to be joined by the nuclear-powered icebreaker Yamal later. The Arc7 LNGC is scheduled to arrive in Japan on 2 July.

This season’s pilot voyage comes about a month later than last year.

Could it be that the WEATHER is warmer? It is summer after all.

‘He and his team saw first hand that “we are on the verge of that tipping point which will lead to the disappearance of the ice in the Arctic summer,” he said.’

I seem to have heard that scary prediction a thousand times before. It’s never happened. It won’t happen.

Oh yes it did:

Oh yes it will:

But ask the people that live in the Arctic if it is getting warmer and how it affects their lives.
PS> Warmer on average, which is climate change.

Perhaps if you understood English, and I don’t hold that against you, it would be obvious that my comment was that;

never happened.

In plainer language, the predictions have been made over many decades by actual humans that the Arctic will be ice free by such and such a year. Those dates when the Arctic would be ice free have passed … and guess what? It never happened.

So no mention by me of any geological time scale, only the failed predictions of eco-zealots.

And the first words of the headline are “Simulations suggest”. And I’m prepared to bet $1 million that it won’t. Accept the bet and you could collect in 2051, after the event.

I don’t care what affects the people who live there. This argument is whether the Arctic will be ice free in summer. I say such predictions have ALWAYS failed.

Don’t forget the climate can get colder too. What’s that called?

I do have a problem understanding your argument, not English (Even the Aussie variety)
“It never happened” appears to be fairly clear and open ended to me. No time scale.

OK put $1 Mill. in an escrow account for now.
At least you have understood that the prediction is ; “Ice free in the summer by 2050”
Although your statement that:

Indicate that you have not.

If you would stick to one argument at a time, I MAY be able to understand better.
Remember I’m no Aussie. Circular arguments can get confusing.

PS> If you have problem understanding my English, try Google Translation. I believe they offer “Aussie English” as one of the many options.

No, you don’t. You understand perfectly that the sentence “It’s never happened” referred to the sentence preceding it, “I seem to have heard that scary prediction a thousand times before.” There’s a word in there that gives it away, “prediction.” That means, as you perfectly understand, a forecast by a human made about what will happen in the future. There’s the start and finish of that elusive “time scale” you regard as open ended. The start is when the human made the prediction (shall we say in the last half century), wrote it down and gave a date by which time it would happen. Several of those dates have come and gone.

That “prediction” has never come true.

If you accept the bet, place your money first. If not, you can simply trust me. I’ll be very happy to pay. For a start, I’ll have just received my congratulatory telegram from the king on the occasion of my 100th birthday and won’t have much use for a spare $1 million. Norway will then be under a couple of miles of ice.

Sure, but I define ice-free as “having no ice” … none.

Um. No. Just re-read the full paragraph and behold that one sentence follows another. Just as before (as teacher corrected you then), you deliberately tried to misinterpret that the previous sentence was the one containing the “dates” you’re now scratching your head about. But you’re not scratching your head, you’re cluthching at straws.

Plenty of time that you could have watched the video and debunked (in writing) the statements and graphs of Professor Happer and the various others he cites.

Call on your numerous supporters here to assist. Should only take a few minutes to blow the whole thing sky high. I’ll wait, but not till 2051, for that.

Predictions or simulations are just nicer and, for the partials, more scientific sounding names for the models they are based of.

The well-known GB statistician George Box (died in 2013) coined the scientific aphorism:
"All models are wrong, but some are useful".

The scientists living of political money will indeed say:
“We have found the rare useful model”… while its validity can only be certified in hindsight.

The ‘Waldsterben’ in Germany, around 1980, where all forests in Europe were proclaimed to die in a few years, is an example. The adversaries said ‘hang the Greens on the trees’… as long as there are trees.

Now our forests do well, they even gained in surface… Today, we spend still millions to count each tree and their foliage, and produce reports saying ‘yes our forests are fine, but we must continue to count the trees and every leave’.

The alarmists learned a lot. They do not make the same error, predicting the future after a few years; they reach out to centuries… when they will all be gone.

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We orbit around the sun, nice and easy for us to understand and we teach young children of why we have summer and winter. But our sun is moving along at approximately 828,000 kph as we orbit our galaxy every 230 million years.
We don’t know what is over the fence, we don’t know what caused the last ice age or global warming, humans haven’t been around for a complete seasonal change.

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And with the sea ice residing, conventional drilling rigs can be used in waters that would such operation impossible only a few years ago:

But for how much longer will there be a market for oil from the Arctic: