Applying for AB and 100grt master at the same time?

Ive been looking at this forum for quite awhile but i finally found a question that I cant seem to see answered anywhere. I am an OS working in the gulf of mexico and decided to try for an upgrade this year so I went and tested for my AB passed but I never filed it with the uscg. about a month later i decided i wanted a captains licence as well so i tested and passed and am about to file that with the uscg on monday. My question is how would I go about filing for my AB and my licence at the same time? would I need 2 separate application forms? Has anyone ever heard of doing this? I would like to file for both because i dont live near a rec and im trying to save as much time as possible. SHould i just get the 100 tton licence and file the AB after? thanks.

If I’m not mistaken you can file both on one application. Also you don’t have to go to rec to turn in your paperwork you can email it to the REC and they forward it to the NMC.

Where did you test and pass? I am assuming you did this at some school in lieu of testing at an REC?

File them at the same time and save yourself $95.00. Be sure to file before you AB certificate expires in one year.

File at the same time for sure, will save you time and money. Just be patient I believe there is a backlog opening and processing apps at the RECs with recent "shutdown ". It took me nearly 3 months last year to get my AB and 100tn. Make sure you get your RFNPW, my experience has been if your job hunting that is super important. Still can’t tell if its required for an AB or just highly desirable. Good Luck and file soon