Anyone heard of USCG Technical Support Branch?

USCG Technical Support Branch,
any of you have experience with this section?

I sent and application for a 200ton endorsement/upgrade for my 150ton masters license.
Additionally I sent an application to test for my 500 ton license.
These were being evaluated.

I received communication my applications were being forwarded to the Technical Support Branch.
And there my aplication sits….not being reviewed…just pending review…for 10+ days.
I contact my evaluator to be told…they’ve no direct contact with this entity…the evaluator will forward info…

I was unable to find the Technical Support Branch on the Home Port webpage.
I appreciate any information on this section of the review process.

[B][U]IMHO[/U][/B]…believe that maybe the NMC’s version of “Peter Pan’s Never Never Land”…that said…here is the latest NMC organizational flow chart??

so you’re suggesting it akin to Faber College’s/ Dean Wormer’s “double secret probaton”?

thank you for the organizational chart, at least i now know it is a real department.