Another, better, option for TOAR assesments

Hello folks, just wanted to share a recent experience, working exclusively for ship assist, I had a hard time completing some of my TOAR assessments. After searching and being frustrated with the limited class times with some other TOAR assessment captains, I located Capt. Richard Cunio, at

He operates out of the Boston area, which is a great city to visit anyway, so I gave him a call. Capt. Cunio is an extremely competent and accomplished mariner, and a patient assessor. He uses actual (dedicated) tug boats and barges, and the equipment is well maintained. His fees I found to be quite reasonable. He also may have connections for affordable lodging, which is hard to find, right in the downtown Boston area.

If you go, and have never been to Boston, give yourself an extra day to walk the freedom trail, and tour the city, neat place.

Highly recommend Capt. Cunio