An Open Letter to Edison Chouest Offshore and Gary Chouest


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Don’t fool yourself, Chouest has been out Union Shopping a few times is the word on the street. He is looking for an in to go after some of the MSC Contract CONAMR Work, he understands that the best way to look out for his own interest and help save and float his company is to get some steady MSC work on the bigger contracts vice the ones he has now. They have some smart guys down there if they need the UNION to get them more contracts and more money they will. He can spin up a start up company under a new name and do some spinoff work and have UNION and non UNION workforce. And its not all “down there” Chouest has some smart guys in DC working on some interesting was to get work and contracts out of the government. He took over family business and runs a company just like everyone else in this country that wants to start and run a company. I am sure that Chouest is looking out for Chouest 1st. There are a few way he can go to get there, put a bid in to buy what’s left of AMSE in Boston, Buy out OSI, Ocean Ships Inc, he could have grabbed up the old 3PSC out of Florida, there are ways he can make monaey and stay in business and be very profitable.


Oh jeez… bite your tongue, :rofl: I left OSI to come to ECO 12 years ago. Granted, an LMSR would be nice, but with my luck they’d make me get my tankerman PIC back and stick me back on the one active T-5E again.


I doubt he’d spend tens of millions combatting unions, all the while wanting to be union. Furthermore, ECO has had working contracts with MSC for many years absent being union.


No, they’ll just buy more businesses. Hence the reasoning for their recent purchase of two oilfield service companies.


The guy in the picture is from Washington, Scooter.


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I must have missed it, what service companies did they acquire?


They bought, GIS


Interesting, I did not hear about that. I wonder what the strategic importance of that was? I imagine it was a great deal…


Wasn’t GIS owned by the Alaska Native Corp., Calista?

They must have gotten tired of losing money on GIS.

I wonder if Calista is remaining as a minority partner or financing the transaction. GIS boats that I’ve seen didn’t look like they were up to Chouest standards.


It was owned by NANA
…yes a Native Corp. Not sure if they bought the boats.


I wonder what the plan is?

I agree that most of the boats that I recall seeing from GIS were nothing special.


GIS is Grand Isle Shipyard, they own property all along the Gulf coast.


Ahhhh I was thinking of the small red boats…

Now I have no idea what I was thinking about…


That’s GOL. …and last I heard from a friend that got laid off from them recently, they’re circling the drain now.