An Open Letter to Edison Chouest Offshore and Gary Chouest


That is the one I was thinking of… I knew someone could put my thoughts together! lol


Saw a couple of GIS boats stacked close to the Bollinger yard near Larose, they were at the GIS yard, saw them on Monday


Haha! The Jsea’s go in the cup, the bullshit ones anyway. Good idea though.


That post wasn’t designed for you. It was designed for Captain Phoenix to try to break the ice to see if I worked for or with him at some point. Old Glory is the only flag I revere. Nice broad generalization of me though. That’s just the attitude that lost Hillary the election. Deplorable? I have a stamped out Paul Hall book and i’m a PROUD card carrying member of Local 25.


No disrespect but your use to that GOM money. You go anywhere outside of that and you’ll find your still making better than the average going rate for your position. I worked for Helix Esg well intervention company in the gulf and after getter pay cut 30% guys were still making 360.00 day rate and bitching about it. Number one rule don’t live beyond your means. Be thankful you have a job. I’m not saying Chouest don’t fuck there employee’s I’m simply saying look for another job. I’m sure you have looked for jobs but the reason your still there is because your still getting paid better than most places. I knew guys that said I’m getting half pay then there getting half work out of me. That’s such bullshit you only make things harder for everybody else. I crab fished the Bering Sea Alaska where there was no guarantee of earning anything, you only earn when you catch. Some season were 70k and some were 15k but doing your job is a must, I’m just saying drop the attitude man up and do your job or roll the fuck out so another hard worker can take your spot.

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