AMSA Bans Bulker Due to Underpaid Crew

The article says the crew got paid

AMSA confirmed the wage payments before the ship left Australia.

Here’s another point of view. Some of the posts at the Maritime Bulletin lean to conspiracy theory so fwiw.
Shipowner is guilty by definition. Now, here’s another side of the story: it may well be so, that the shipowner after his ships are banned from Australian ports, may lose charters and contracts, suffer heavy losses, and with that, become unable to cover crew changes costs, and provide timely wages payments. He may go bankrupt. What will happen to crews, is nobody’s care, definitely not ITF or AMSA. It may well be so (in fact, it is so), that here and there and everywhere throughout the world, shipowners delay wages payments, in order to remain afloat and provide crew changes. It may well be so, that the crews, the employees of this or that owner, understand the situation, and given the enormous challenges owner faces, agree to wait it out.

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