AMO Contract Language

The AMO contract language “stipend”.

Why is the sailing membership of the AMO only worth a stipend on parts of various MSC contracts for travel pay and training pay?

When elected National Executive Vice President by the AMO membership, the word stipend will be removed from all future contracts before negotiations. The word stipend will be replaced with a day’s pay.

AMO members, Great Lakes, Inland and Deep Sea spend years of their life dedicated to their sailing profession. Some starting off at a maritime academy or working up the ranks to get where they are today. In addition to attending countless weeks and months at training facilities they give up vacation days with their family to attend more training. They have a ton to offer their employers, their worth to the union and the operating companies is not a stipend.

Every crewmember on every ship I have sailed on brings value to the vessel. From the Ordinary Seaman to the Captain. I have yet to find a stipend qualified sailor.

The end result of their hard work and dedication is to be paid a stipend. I don’t know anyone in the AMO that’s only value is a stipend. Please let me know if you think you are only worth a stipend. 25 dollars for training and 75 dollars for travel.

Mike Finnigan for the Membership

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