AIS tracking sites

what is the best AIS tracking site both free and paid ?

using llyods and maritime information systems vts site

but there is siitech,, and dozens of others ?

[B]try they are realitively inexpensive and nice people to deal with. Google will help with the rest.[/B] is free

They have a good app too. If you go online and set up your fleet you can track many ships at once as your fleet, even on the app. OpSec is dead.

I’ve got on my android, works great and covers all the way up to Alert Bay in BC.

You can also go to, but I think they are primarily Puget Sound.
Here’s one for Central California:

Sorry, I’m a little left coast oriented…

And, this just in, I just found this clearinghouse of AIS sites.

gCaptain has worked on few projects with Maritime Information Systems and, in my opinion, they are the best for business and mission critical tracking.

My favorite for cool features and usability is Digital Seas and the best free app is Marine Traffic.

Dear All,
Greetings. I want know about a website which may be more rich & free than “Equasis”. Can u tell me some web address by which I can find vsl/ship (Only Tanker & Bulk) by destination/port to port/point to point & more info about vssl/ship/shiop owner/email contact. Pls help me if u can.

Mahmud Russel