Advice on maritime acadamies please

He has, just elsewhere. Hes leaning towards Michigan or Cal Maritime and im just doing my own research aswell. Anything can happen but atleast he knows the job, schedule, and lifestyle. Hes made many couple of day trips with me and he worked as a deckhand last summer. When they didnt have a deck spot and couldnt crew on a boat he worked grunt maintenance on the boats and still loved it all.

If I was going to go to school and I was dead set on getting my unlimited 3rds license. I would go to Great Lakes Maritime. It’s the best bang for your buck. You get that Great Lakes pilotage and as a result access to more job opportunities

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Link to an industry article talking about how Maine Maritime’s tug and barge program is a standalone program in the industry.

It’s not the only one, and the article doesn’t say it is:
“He cited the tug and barge licensing program at Maine Maritime Academy, one of the few such specialized programs teaching these specific workboat skills.”

As others have mentioned, Cal Maritime does have a towing program. All of the Marine Transportation cadets are required to take a Tug and Barge class. They complete the TOAR during that class and if they get 30 days on a tug, usually during weekends, spring break, etc., they will get the Mate of Towing endorsement and 3rd Mate unlimited when they graduate. If your son wants to know more, he can call the dean, Captain Browne, at 707-654-1162.