Active Duty CG Interested In Working Toward a License


Wow great forum, lots of good info here. I am a BM1 in the USCG and am interested in obtaining a 3M Unlt while in service. After a bit of research I figured the best way for me accomplish this would be to obtain an AB license and then attend PMIs AB-Mate program. My question is, is it required to have AB Unlt as a prerequisite for 3M Unlt, or would any AB count as long as you have the required time u/w for 3M Unlt? I couldn’t find specifics on this. Thanks.



As per 46 CFR Part 10.401(g)(3), either an AB-Unlimited [B]or[/B] AB-Limited is required for obtaining an [U]Unlimited-tonnage[/U] deck license. Click here to download a flyer that clearly explains the AB sea-time requirements. If all of your sea time has been obtained on cutters then you’ll need to get a transcript of sea service (TOSS) from the Coast Guard. Click here for information on how to get yours. Good luck…


That answers my question, Thanks for the reply.