ABS pub. 164 addopting ILO standards

So has anybody heard anything about OSV boat companies abbidding by these standards? The requirements are outlined on page 196 of the publication. Things like 2.5 days paid vacation per 30 days of vessel service reguardless of hitch length definitely raise a few eyebrows here In the osv world. I know most deep water companies already abide by them but not so much down here…Will they be enforced on the boat companies???

They could simply accommodate this standard by reducing your daily pay rate in order to give you your paid vacation while you are at home not working.
You aren’t going to get to have your cake and eat it too.

I’m very interested to see how ILO is going to be implemented. If at all. on tugs and all across the industry

ILO appears to require major changes in working conditions to bring the US up to Third World standards

I don’t see anything about vacation

NM was looking on page 169

yes they would just deduct a few bucks from each day’s pay and give it to you under a different category as “vacation” or whatever; you’d still make the same!

I liked the way the unions work it in the northeast with ATO. Since you aren’t on a steady rotation it keeps you from having really screwy paychecks plus you don’t have to budget tightly for 60-90 days off with no pay because you get paid the whole time off. It’s also easier on tax withholding (but you get less back at the end of the year).