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Over 4K days of sea service? But you also need to have 540 days while qualified as RFPNW (or 360 days plus that course you are asking about). Assuming your 4K days (that is over 11 years with no time off or shoreside deployments) is associated with military service, you’ll need to find a way to convince NMC that you received an equivalent of RFPNW qualification.

And in addition to RFPNW and BT, you also need PSC. Then you can take that 5-day course for your assessments.


My late father was on three ships in one year of sailor service he was a gunners mate the ship he served on was the uss Chara uss akinare and the valley forge back around the Korean War time one of his his ships docked in Oregon when we were kids I sit up on the gunners seat he took pictures he was a photographer too I have yet to find those photos around here, I remember he told me at age 17 he never got seasick and always gad his sea legs

Probably not the best forum to ask this question, but what “rank” or “ranking” is an “OMU?”

An OMU (Oiler Maintenance Utility) is basically a QMED but paid less.

Thank you, sir!