A Tsunami of Job Opportunity is Coming! ... is it really or only wishful thinking?

so I received this email yesterday through LinkedIn and it left me wondering if there is any validity to the claim?

A Tsunami of Job Opportunity is Coming!

The Tsunami of Job Opportunity is Coming! We are preparing the ship to ride this wave of exciting growth here at Core Group Resources. If you are a company looking to capture the best talent before it is gone please do not hesitate to contact us here: If you are seeking work, check our our latest jobs.

Yes, crude prices are rising again and the projections are that the demand vs. supply curve is now in balance and soon to tip to undersupply as Asian nations absorb any extra oil on the market. HOWEVER, are the majors really ready to start spending on deepwater exploration again at anywhere close to the levels of the first half of this decade? Are they really ready to open the spigots of cash just like that just because the picture is beginning to look rosy again without waiting to see for a year or so? Do they know there is a situation coming which might drive crude’s price through the stratosphere? is that situation going to be in Iran? No other place on the planet has the ability to send the oil markets into turmoil like Persia does?

or is still all just hoopla without any real merit?

Ill believe it when companies ive applied to start contacting me, until then ill stick with my very secure state job.

Jobs are scarce. Lots of flakes and gyppos.

one thing I didn’t mention is the guy at the center of Core was at Faststream before starting his own firm so has been pretty much deep into the offshore headhunting/recruiting buiz for enough years to be able to be taken as anything but a flake or a gyppo…however I do wonder if he might be a little off by predicting a tsunami of a hiring wave, yet he is sitting today in Houston so could very well be picking up intelligence not available to us masses of unwashed mariners. Maybe things are in fact on the verge of coming back and potentially quite substantially at that?

or not

I was talking a friend who works in Fourchon & he said the oil field boat companies are soliciting for new employees with billboards again. Last year they were so broke they couldn’t afford food or PPE for their crews & now the are spending on advertisements. That has to mean something is up?

Core Group is a good headhunter. They have placed me in the past. Looking at the website, they have some good shoreside jobs.

Most of the people that use to call me from marine headhunters and temp agencies have moved on to other things. They starved out. I see some of them are now recruiting for yachts, Tech, legal, medical, etc.

The economy is booming, including land drilling, lots of good jobs on shore, but marine transportation and construction are still really slow.

The flakes and gyppos I was referring to are in the PNW and Alaska. You know who. Things are really slow around Seattle. Alaska is looking up a little, but it’s just off the bottom of a depression, and the season is off to a slow start.

“Offshore service vessel operator GulfMark Offshore Inc. said Friday that the Gulf of Mexico is seeing its first signs of market tightening since the offshore downturn began, with large vessel day rates up 5% since 2017’s fourth quarter.”


Inland is booming right now, I would really like to see offshore work pickup. After all, a rising tide lifts all boats. I wouldn’t get carried away with this, but in Louisiana/Texas seeing a lot of hiring/ consolidation of companies/ activity that wasn’t happening the last 2-3 years.

Not necessarily wishful thinking in my opinion. Summer is around the corner after all.

well, since the drillers and majors are all public companies, we’ll know soon enough because they always announce new drilling contracts and as soon as we see stacked drillships or rigs going back to work then it will be a clear indication that the money to explore is out there again

My company has boats warm stacked waiting to go on jobs because we don’t have enough crew, especially AB’s and engineers.

I’ve actually seen traffic jams a couple of times this week in haliburton and flotation, and lots of radio traffic with people steeping on each other to speak.

So yes things are picking up and most companies are hiring, just waiting for raises to start flowing.

Supposed to be about 10 drillships going on contract this month from what I’ve read from various sources. A lot of the activity is construction related, finely taking care of the deferred maintenance that’s built up.


Interesting. I am eyeing retirement from my fed job in the next year or so. I am vested and am beginning buyback scheme to add all of my time together. I’ll be looking for something private sector thereafter. Might not be in this industry. I figure I have maybe 10 more good years of full time work before I’m through and go bar tend part time or something.

Boat companies are having to give raises because other companies are poaching their crew (at least deck officers). The “tsunami” may not be in full force until 2019 but the up-swing is already starting.


The crisis appears to be over for this time I believe, at least on the international market.
I base that assumption on the fact that I’m being “head hunted” again, even at my age.

At least in Norway the situation has turned:

The young that went into schooling and training for a carrera in the Offshore Oil & Gas industry in the bad times are reaping the benefits now:

A new manning company specializing in offshore personnel for the North Sea has experienced very fast growth since being established only this spring:

Here is a link if anybody wants to try their luck: http://leveloffshore.no/a-new-company/