A Titanic Cartoon

From Amazing Super Powers.com

I’m sorry, but to me not funny in the least. 1400 lost souls who died because of operating the ship in waters known to be iceberg infested at such high speed is heinous human error in every sense of the word. Had Capt. Smith lived there would have been no sufficient penalty he could pay for what he allowed to happen including execution.

Caving into Bruce Ismay’s demands that he go faster than safe was craven and criminal. If he was a true professional, Smith would have refused and resign on the spot. Further, if he was respected by his officers they would stood behind him. But of course there was Mr. Murdock, but if the other officers had integrity they would have refused to serve Murdock as master. What could Ismay have done if nobody except Murdock would drive the ship? Not much, but it would have taken courage on the part of many men to stand firm behind one! That is why true ship masters are more than technically able…they have to be leaders first and foremost. Obviously, Smith wasn’t up to it that “night to remember”…