A Plague of Locusts (No Joke)

Worst upsurge in 70 years: Tracking Locusts in the Middle East


40 years ago southeast of Sacramento saw grasshoppers coming flying out of the dry foothills. They were thick enough that you would step on 2 or 3 every time you walked. They covered 5000 +/- acres.
The State of California said they would only spray if they covered 20,000 acres.
They flew into a cornfield, the first 3 rows they stripped off all the leaves leaving only the stalks. The 4th and 5th rows had some damage the rest of the field was fine. Then they all seemed to die. The birds were happy.

I remember back in late '82, I was somewhere on a tug between Lake Charles and San Juan. . . I came out on deck one night and there were tens or hundreds of thousands of crickets. . . they were everywhere on deck, coming out from under the ladders, it was insane. . . and in the morning. . nothing. I never, ever saw that again. . . and I will never forget it. . .

I saw this one summer when I was a kid. There was some advance warning as the trees were painted from the ground up to about 6 feet with a thick white slippery paint to keep the the grasshoppers from climbing up and devouring all the leaves.