A few question related to oila nd gas wells completion

  1. What determines how much fluid ESP can produce: type of stage, number of stages or both?
    2.What type of power fluid system can be used with a hydraulic jet pump: open power fluid system, closed power fluid system or either?

Can you please help me?

Not a completion engineer, but I’ll try to do my best.

For question 1, all of that is determined based on reservoir and fluid properties as well as well geometry (depth, completion tubing size, directional layout, etc.). It’s kind of complicated, but not too much. ESP’s require flow up the annulus and tubing if I remember correctly to unload gas. It’s a question of your inflow performance and vertical lift performance. I’d recommend taking a completions engineering or artificial lift class for a truly thorough answer. Petroskills supposedly does really good classes.

As far as question 2, no idea.

Sorry if this isn’t more helpful.