"A Collision at Sea can really ruin your entire day" Thucydides

A fun discussion looking for input on the above so-called quote being bandied about recently during the oil spill - anyone out there know anything about this one?

[B]Thucydides[/B] never actually said “A collision at sea can ruin your entire day” in his work [I]The Peloponnesian War[/I], but it is attributed to him. NYTimes Freakanomics is inquiring and has an attribute to making it up while at CalMaritime.

"[B]Navy Capt. W. B. “Bill” Hayler[/B] of the Calif. Maritime Academy in Vallejo confesses he made it up while a student at the Naval War College in 1960. “We had a history prof who was absolutely hooked on Thucydides,” he says. “Quoted him all day long. So I concocted that one and told everybody it was from Volume IX of the Peloponnesian War. Of course, Thucydides only wrote eight volumes. When I took command of the USS Buck in ‘60, I had it posted on the bridge — and then things began to get out of hand. Readers Digest picked it up in ‘62 and paid me five bucks. And when the Navy published ‘Farwell’s Rules of the Road,’ they used the quote in all their ads. The editor was horrified when I told him it was a phony, but I think they’re still using it.”