9 Efficient and Effective Ways to Get Promoted On Ships

[li][B]Prove you are worthy: [/B]Your management is always observing your capabilities at current duty and your potential that can match up to the higher level. Prove through your efforts that you are a vital part of the team and no one knows better than your knowledge. For-example: Your command on all the technical knowledge can upgrade your position from a Second engineer to a Chief engineer’s job and same is the case [B]to get promoted on ships[/B] for the Chief Officer to show that he can better control the command of the ship.[/li][li][B]Make efforts to standout: [/B]Outshine among bunch by showing keenness and commitment to the job. As organizations are continuously look out for the potential candidates on top positions, they are always attracted by a person’s dedication to the job at hand. For-example, a Second Officer, who is performing exceptionally at his or her job time and again, will one day be acknowledged by the supervisor.[/li][/ol]

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These are boilerplate “Do a good job and don’t be an asshole” pieces of advice that are all over linkedin. Someone just tacked on a reference to mariners at the end of each one. Generic clickbait.

[B][U]Your correct Rafterman[/U][/B] - sometimes its a good idea to be reminded. I really dont think their are any special tricks. To move up the ladder in our career’s we all have to be in a positive mindset and we will thrive. If we have a bad attitude good things will not happen. The old saying is if you think you can, or you think you cant no matter which one you choose you will be right.

[B][U]Mentors:[/U][/B] You can’t navigate the forest without a guide. Finding a good mentor, one who has actually been in the C-suite and moves among those circles and who has some influence at those levels, is critical. That’s how your name gets consistently pushed out there for consideration.

As far as climbing the corporate ladder quickly, you need to be able to do your job better than anyone else, play well with others, understand politics, fit into the company culture, work your ass off, know yourself, your values and your vision for your life in the next year, two years and five years. You don’t climb the corporate ladder by being lazy, lucky or greedy.

You get and stay at the top of the corporate level through hard work, knowing your stuff, being a leader, being a risk taker and having what it takes to excel. There’s no get rich quick path.