71-year-old Frenchman attempts to float across the Atlantic Ocean in capsule


Sorry, not many seabirds in the middle of the oceans, so if he rely on them for food he is in big sh*t.


Frigate birds have a long range. He might have to settle for sargasso dressing.


Yes indeed.
However, in such an instable environment, you must use the pressure cooker for all cooking, setting the gauge to natural pressure. Otherwise, you end up with the raw eggs on the wall and your feet boiled.

(eggs >>> only if ever a bird decides to nest on deck…)


There are still a lot of sailboats or yachts crossing from Europe to the West Indies (see Marine Traffic or, better, VesselFinder.com). They all are at the latitudes of the Cabo Verde Islands, or even more to the South; the winds there seem not to be stable.

I cannot detect the Azores anticyclone’s position, it must be somewhere in China. However, it seems he started late at the Canaries. Normal sailboats start early November and then they have the means to look for the Northeasterly more to the South – he cannot do this.

I wondered why he had chosen this bizarre barrel as hull… until I read about his main sponsors:
They are makers of wooden wine barrels, used to improve taste and color of expensive wine, cognac or others. The necessary oak wood grows in the Bordeaux region or comes from the US.

Here is a sketch of his ‘vessel’ >>>



so now Wrongway is booking towards Newfoundland at quite a clip but I must wonder if he really intends to keep this nonsense going much longer? Trump caved and so must this wayward Jacques Cousteau wannabe! Time to end this ridiculous escapade!




you ask Why?

I’ll tell you why…it is because Wrongway is a PHOOL and that this is a STOOPID STUNT being attempted by what is a not very sane man. No sane person goes out on a ocean to drift aimlessly on purpose. Sad wretches drift on rafts when they have abandoned another vessel and are lucky to survive the ordeal by being rescued. I don’t care how much he took with him as far as the ability to support himself out there…he can’t do it forever…

that is why


He’s not doing anyone any harm so leave him to it!


He’s not doing anyone any harm right up to the point when (not if) he needs to be rescued. Then all who respond are in harms way.


This fellow has been doing all kinds of stunts before. He knows the risk and the possible ultimate outcome. I don’t think he expect or demand that anybody risk limbs and life to save him. (Not like another “adventurer” who was on here complaining about the way he was rescued)


just an update on Wrongway but as he approaches the end of week 5 in his odyssey his craft is drifting in an almost perfect sine wave…just when I think he has drifted too far north and is forever going to leave the NE’ly trades, he starts drifting south again as he did yesterday

so about a third of the way across…will he have food to make it all the way?


Shasimi on the menu?
More to the point, drinking water??


He has watermakers. Guessing hand pumped reverse osmosis.


Finally got around to reading this post. The thread got somewhat tangled in the middle. For the record polar bears would get very well fed in Antartica until the rest of the wildlife got over their surprise at them being there.


Hand pump!
He calls it ‘my daily hour of arm training’ to earn some 4 or 5 liters of water


At his SOA, and if he makes it across in one piece, It should be a bit warmer. He should take the next barrel challenge. Fort Erie Beach to Fort Niagara!


starving men in rafts survive on raw fish!..not sane men who purposely set themselves adrift on the sea. At least I hope he stowed proper comestibles in his tonneau for the voyage?


Since his tonneau is modelled on a wine barrel I would think he has a smaller version on board filled with fine Claret as any sane Frenchmen would be expected to do.


He writes to have freeze-dried meals for 3 months…

I calculated his drift for the last 7 hours of Sunday, February 3 (UTC):
Distance 4.7 NM, course 295°, speed 0.6 knot, still the wrong direction.
Now he is at 28.656°N and 30.115°W.

From his start point at Hierro Island (the southernmost of the Canaries) he drifted:
56 NM to North and 631 NM to West.

The arrival he hopes for, at Martinique, is still 1915 NM away, at GC-bearing 250°.

Crazy or not, or a bit only, he has no luck.
The North-Atlantic weather, this winter, seems to be a special one.
The established ENE trades (Force 5) are now some 600 NM to his south. This is far away for a barrel without propulsion…


You can say that again. I’m not looking forward to February or March